It's about infant surgery, stupid!

Indulge me for a moment while I rant about the fact that Google doesn’t seem to be picking up the key words on my blog:

It’s about infant surgery, stupid!  It’s about infant surgery. It’s about infant trauma, stupid!  Infant trauma. It’s about post-traumatic stress, stupid! Post-traumatic stress.  It’s about using writing as a healing tool, and art too. Stupid!

My blog is about the subconscious beliefs that rule our lives without our knowing it. My blog is about empowering ourselves to know what our own stories are and how to reshape them in the direction of our choosing.

ReStorying Your Life is about acknowledging the role that an unprocessed trauma has played in your life and making a conscious choice to move in a healthier and more generative direction.

So why am I not getting onto the first three pages of a google search when I enter the key words Restory Your Life?  More rant:

It’s Restory Your Life, stupid!  Restory with a “y.” Not Restore or Restoring or Restoration. Stupid! 

Whom do I have to pay to get it right?  Who has the secret code?  What magic must one do?

Why I care so much about this is that I want to get the information on this blog out to the people who need it. I thought I had a strategy down; apparently there’s more to it. While I’m working this out, let me give you something of value–a quote from the latest book I’m reading The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, an award-winning cell biologist and new thought leader in the subject of bridging spirit and science: “The biggest impediments to realizing the successes of which we dream are the limitations programmed into the subconscious” (139).

Here’s one of the beliefs I learned early on from a surgery (KEY WORD, Google!) for pyloric stenosis that I had as an infant: (KEY WORDS, KEY WORDS!): It would have been better if I’d died so my family wouldn’t have had so much trouble. What was my dream?  Becoming a marine biologist!  Did I realize it?  No. I tried though. I really did.

Anyone who had infant surgery in America before 1987 likely had it without anesthesia or adequate pain control. There is a good chance that this trauma, unless resolved, is still running your life to some degree. Another Lipton quote: “In humans . . . the fundamental behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes we observe in our parents become ‘hard-wired’ as synaptic pathways in our subconscious minds. Once programmed into the subconscious mind, they control our biology for the rest of our lives……..or at least until we make the effort to reprogram them” (133).

Restorying your life is possible. We just need to learn what tools are available and how to use them and then, use them!  And we need to be able to easily find this information on a Google search.





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  1. Hi Wendy, you almost became a marine biologist. You became a creator and appreciator and teacher. you appreciation of marine life is in your writing.
    love, ellen

  2. Thank you, Ellen, for the reminder and the support! I am a marine animal advocate, surely, in my writing–as you point out–and in my online activism for all types of environmental non-profits. 🙂 Marine animals and plants have come to my rescue many times in my life. I am grateful.

  3. Go, Wendy, you needed to get this post out! Sometimes we wonder why it can be so hard to achieve what we are passionate about doing. You need to get some effective answers quickly.
    I hope that you can work out what should be but is not happening to your posts, and you may need to put an IT pro on the job.

    • I sent a copy of part of your email that you sent me to my IT guy but haven’t heard back yet. Interestingly, yesterday I googled “infant surgery” and found not one mention of restory in 10 pages. I did see Different Dream, Dr. Tinnin’s blog and my incision. I didn’t see your blog mentioned, which I was shocked about. Hmmm…..

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