Check out my Updated ART and POETRY Pages!

I’m excited to tell you that I have some new material to share! After clicking on MY WORK on the home page, click on ART. You’ll find 50 of my drawings and paintings that are included in various posts I’ve written over the past three years and are now available in a ‘slideshow’ fashion. You can click through them at your leisure; each is titled in the caption. In the future, I hope to include in the caption a reference to the post in which each appears, but for now, enjoy scrolling along.

I’ve also added about twelve poems to POETRY, the category beneath ART under MY WORK. These poems, for the most part, appear in posts as well. In the future, I’ll add more poems that are relevant to my writing as healing theme. Just want to let you know to peek at these Pages. They’ve changed!

Here’s a new image to ponder:


Ink on folded paper: When I created this image in 1976, I didn’t know I was depressed. I knew I felt badly and was confused, but after sitting down and dripping some different colored inks on a page and lifting the page so that various shapes were formed, voila. I was a bit surprised–I didn’t know I felt as badly as that figure on the left. But I did. The self-awareness that art brings is priceless. It can be a good first step in mental health. Once you know how you feel, you can do something about it. Hopefully. Even just knowing can be healing. On second glance, the black figure is rising. A good sign.


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  1. I have “enjoyed” paging through your art collection, and was struck by (1) how many of these sketches you have shown and discussed with us your readers over the years – thank you! (2) how many of these images reflect the terrible struggle you have had to come to understand and manage the trauma you suffered as a result of your early pyloric stenosis surgery; and (3) how even in your pain and especially more recently (it seemed to me) you have been able to create beautifully integrated and harmonious work.
    I look forward to working through your poetry (although I find that more difficult), and to the future postings of your creative, imaginative and expressive heart and mind!

    • Thanks, Fred, for taking the time to peruse my drawings and paintings. And thank you for your deep understanding of what they mean for me. About the poetry, just read one here and there. To read one after another, especially if you aren’t a poetry person, doesn’t sound like fun. 🙂

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