Hugged by the Universe


Brown arms encircle me and hold me in a warm embrace. Safe, I am held by all that is.


I am a Sufi baby, floating like Moses toward my destiny. All that is supports me–the waves, the sun, the air, my magenta body wrap and cushiony head wrap.

I drew these pastels at the beginning of this new century–the culmination of some difficult drawings depicting the  suffering I endured as a newborn operated on for pyloric stenosis, a stomach problem, without anesthesia. These positive images helped to replace the negative ones. In order to heal, it’s important to restory one’s life with new images. For me, drawing and writing are key to ReStorying my life. It’s a way to access and reinforce  my innate power, worthiness, and purity.







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  1. Two lovely warm and soft drawings which well convey the change of your feelings about yourself and your world, and the perspectives you open up for others in Restory your life!

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