A Poem to Uplift

LIFT UP YOUR BANNER    by John Fox ©1984

Such a banner is for the greatness

of wildflowers kissing their way delicately

through glaciers, for the beauty

of the mountaintop from which your soul

undoubtedly has gazed.

The next step you take shall bring you home

if you but release your cares

and think instead that help has come,

as sure as the wind will fly the banner

that you have raised–

the quietness of a wind

in an unseen meadow that waves

the banner of who you are

with the whispered assurance that says:

I Am. Or the great, great wind

that fills ships sails announcing

your arrival to a throng of blue sky,

angelic presence’s hushed in appreciation.

Your arrival to the new world of a new day,

the blessed shore rushing up to greet you.


John Fox is a poet and a healer who leads writing workshops all over America and beyond. I took a workshop with him  last summer at the Writing as a Healing Art Conference at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, and it was an extraordinary experience. We wrote about scars. We wrote words of pain and words of healing. You might want to check out his book Poetic Medicine, The Healing Art of Poem-Making and/or visit his website  www.poeticmedicine.com. Through the promotion of poetry as a healing art, he helps people contact their deepest soul and heal from whatever has wounded .

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