The Literature of Medical Humanities

My memoir, The Autobiography of a Sea Creature, is just about ready for sending out to agents!  I am thrilled. As I scroll through each chapter, I feel really happy and proud. Part of the first chapter will appear in a book soon to be published by University of California Press, The Healing Art of Writing. I just sent in my submission today and await feedback from the editors. Everyone who attended The Healing Art of Writing Conference in San Rafael, CA (I blogged about the Conference two weeks ago) will have either a poem or a short prose piece included in the volume. The presenters will also have excerpts of their talks included.  It’s going to be a wonderful anthology that I will be ordering for my classes at the community college as soon as it comes out.

At the conference, I learned about Pulse Magazine, an online magazine that describes itself as Voices from the Heart of Medicine. Check it out. I am impressed with the mission of the magazine, which is deeply informed by the intentions of the heart. The editor seems very inclusive and sincere with regard to wanting to create a community of readers and writers who care about humanness in the practice of medicine.  Each week a new piece is published, prose or poetry, and there is no subscription fee or gimmicky feel to it. The Archive looks especially rich. I can’t wait to dive in.

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