ReStory Your Life: Writing as Healing

      with Wendy Patrice Williams

Women Writing Together

Do you want to understand your stories more deeply? Are you looking for a way to clarify confusion and enable agency? Would you like to learn how to use writing to cope with triggers and support healing from trauma? In this 8-week class, learn techniques to empower your life through writing in community. 

You learn to:

  • allow writing to flow without fear or judgment
  • access memory and imagination more easily and safely
  • write narratives that deepen awareness
  • find community with those who are healing from trauma
  • perceive past experiences in fresh, transformative ways
  • explore perception through writing
  • empower yourself in daily life
  • deepen compassion for ourselves and each other

To register: Call 510-701-2360 or email


  • informative handouts about writing as healing
  • short story and essay handouts
  • list of writing resources that stimulate and motivate

Please note: This class is geared toward those who want support in healing from trauma. It is not a therapy group. No writing experience necessary.

About me:

I have taught writing for over thirty years, both privately and in colleges, and have my BA in English and a MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. My collection of poems is entitled In Chaparral: Life on the Georgetown Divide, California (Cold River Press) and my short stories and essays have appeared in Calyx, 13th Moon, Under the Gum Tree and several anthologies. At, my blog posts discuss how to use creativity to cope with trauma. My memoir manuscript Autobiography of a Sea Creature – Coming Home to my Body after Infant Surgery tells how I discovered the source of my PTS, Post-traumatic Stress. I facilitated the Freedom after Trauma Meetup for almost two years in the Citrus Heights/Rocklin area.


“Can I thank you for the hope-filled path you led me to? Your gentle encouragement and courageous possibilities have left me with tools that I am using every day. What you did was give me the ability to process the genesis of my trauma. It’s still there, but I understand it better. I now look for light in the darkness, and often times I find it.”      –Freedom after Trauma Meetup Participant

“Wendy is a caring and compassionate teacher who is a writing enthusiast. She uses a creative approach to stir the human spirit, which in turn amplifies the imagination to soar. Her versatile assignments allowed me to experience many types of writing. Through Wendy’s guidance, writing became a catharsis of healing, empowerment, self-development, and play.”  –Caren Janis Baroff



Main Campus, 10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630

ENGLISH 300 College Composition Tuesday/Thursday 1:00 pm – 2:20 pm

ENGWR 33 Support Co-requisite Tuesday  2:30 pm – 4:20 pm