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The Colors of Success: The Story of a Sacramento Meetup

Time to let go of a Meetup Group I’ve led for the last year-and-a-half called Freedom after Trauma. (Meetup is a network of free classes and meetings that one can sign up for online.) The meeting was an opportunity for folks with post-traumatic stress to ReStory their Lives and find more freedom through associative or free… Continue Reading

Girl of the Sand and Sea

Every few weeks in Sacramento, I lead a ReStory Your Life – Freedom After Trauma Meetup and meet up with a small group of awesome people. Meetup is an incredible network of groups, each of which begins its journey online, serving as a way to initiate get-togethers of folks who share similar interests, such as… Continue Reading

To Write, To Draw, To Feel: Accessing Pre-Verbal Trauma

There are many ways to get in touch with trauma that we have experienced before we knew language. And accessing this information is key to beginning to heal from early wounds. Many of us will need therapists to help us access and process this material; we will need support in healing. There are many things… Continue Reading