Stomach Speaks: Healing through SomatoEmotional Release

Yes, a laughing stomach!

As many of you know, I am healing from a head and neck injury. My old trauma from infant stomach surgery was reactivated by the fall,  and so my therapy includes work with this aspect of my health, too.

As my Cranio-Sacral therapist was working with my jaw, a dialogue began with my inner organs–what is called SomatoEmotional Release® (SER). First, my therapist asked if I felt my heart. I told him I couldn’t. He then asked what was going on with my jaw. (He knows I clench my jaw and grind my teeth at night.) I told him I was angry. My stomach and scar were upset with me because I don’t appreciate them.

Here’s what my stomach said: I was perfect after the operation and I’ve never given you any trouble. I’ve digested your food over the years and work hard to keep you healthy and  all you can talk about is the trouble I gave you and your family. 

Then my scar chimed in: Yeah, and here I am holding your belly together and all I get is complaints about how bad I look. After the operation, I stayed shut and was the perfect set of stitches. I healed and never gave you any problems and all I get is you thinking about how ugly I am. When are you going to appreciate me?  

Hearing these complaints, I felt bad. They were right. Unknowingly, I was still angry about the surgery and directing it inward at myself. Blaming them was hurting all of us.

As the Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) session came to an end, I felt a sense of peace. My stomach, my scar, and I had come to a new understanding. That’s when I felt my stomach laughing. My scar, too. They were shivering with laughter. I smiled. It felt so good!