Re-enactment is Real

What is re-enactment?  Before I reach for Dr. Peter Levine book Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma to give the official definition, I’ll have a go at it myself. Re-enactment is an unconscious attempt made by someone with unresolved trauma to resolve it. For example, the date of one’s car accident arrives, an accident that resulted in… Continue Reading

Bessel van der Kolk on the radio: A Must-Hear Interview

Click on this link to hear a fantastic interview with Bessel van der Kolk (choose the edited version) about trauma and the need for treatment that reconnects a trauma survivor with his or her body. He is interviewed by Krista Tippett on the program “On Being.” I resonated with everything van der Kolk had to say… Continue Reading

Can We Free Ourselves from PTS Prison?

Talking with folks about PTS, those who have it and those who don’t, I get the feeling that, in general, people believe that those with PTSD will just have to live with it the rest of their lives. Or, folks are a tiny bit hopeful that they or someone can change but don’t really believe… Continue Reading

In an Unspoken Voice: The Wisdom of Dr. Peter Levine

The book In an Unspoken Voice, Dr. Peter Levine’s latest, integrates and offers to us the wisdom he has amassed in his decades of work on stress, the brain, and ways to transform trauma into healing. I am thrilled that Dr. Levine isn’t buying into the “disorder” part of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but understands trauma… Continue Reading

So what is PTSD anyway?

It’s complex, that’s what. How to boil it down into some simple statements of fact? The symptoms of  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which I’ve learned from Dr. Louis Tinnin, Dr. Robert Scaer, and Dr. Judith Herman, are classified in a three-fold way: intrusion, constriction, and hyperarrousal. Here’s my own spin or synthesis of their material.… Continue Reading

The New Traumatology–A Must-See Video

If you want to understand trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTS), you’ve got to see this video The New Traumatology & The Trauma Spectrum: A Conversation between Dr. Robert Scaer and cultural animator Anthony ‘Twig’ Wheeler Part 1 and Part 2. Dr. Robert Scaer* is a practicing neurologist, the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Mapleton Center… Continue Reading

Cause of Pyloric Stenosis? Prevention? Who Cares!

I just finished reading an article “Centennial of Pyloromyotomy” in the Journal of Neonatal Surgery by Dr. V. Raveenthiran, a pediatric surgeon with SRM Medical College and Hospital in Chennai, India. Since 2012 was the year to celebrate the discovery by Dr. Conrad Ramstedt of the Ramstedt procedure, a surgical technique which saved my life as an… Continue Reading

Out in the Community with ReStory Your Life

I am psyched. I gave my first talk out in the world beyond the classrooms of The College of Alameda and it was thrilling. Eight women from the Women’s Motivational Meetup in Sacramento, hosted by Griffin Toffler, gave me their attention, listened to my lecture, and participated in a writing exercise at the library in… Continue Reading