"Childhood Trauma . . . How 'States' Become 'Traits'"

An article by Dr. Bruce D. Perry et al is a must-read for all those trying to understand the impact of infant trauma on a person’s life:  “Childhood Trauma, The Neurobiology of Adaptation, and ‘Use-dependent’ Development of the Brain: How ‘States’ Become ‘Traits.’” I became interested in this article because I believe that there are… Continue Reading

Addiction – A Way to Cope with PTS

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts –  Close Encounters with Addiction,  a book by Dr. Gabor Maté, provides new information about addiction. “He locates the source of addictions in the trauma of an emotionally empty childhood, making it a relational rather than a medical problem,” according to Dr. Harville Hendrix. Maté contends that our brain… Continue Reading

In the Land of Hypervigilance

I have lived a life that is very different from what most people must experience. I have lived in the Land of Hypervigilance. Each morning shortly after waking, I do stretches that an osteopath taught me. These movements manage a painful hip that cries out when under stress. Yesterday lying on my back, having finished… Continue Reading

Blog, Heal, Teach–Feedback and Photos

Just want to share some feedback from  two of the participants in my workshop Blog, Heal, Teach at the Carver College of Medicine in Iowa and some photos. This response is from Dr. David G. Thoele: I really enjoyed this presentation and am now filled with ideas for starting my own blog in the future. Wendy… Continue Reading

On the Right Track for Meditation

Each morning before meditation, I read inspirational material to set my mind on the right track. Lately, I’ve been re-reading Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love. Because of old somatic patterns linked to my infant surgery and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I have a lot of resistance to sitting still in peace, allowing my soul to… Continue Reading

Thank you, Surviving Infant Surgery blog (SIS)

I am extremely grateful to Fred Vanderbom, blogger at http://survivinginfantsurgery.wordpress.com. He continues to offer top notch information to those of us whose lives have been impacted by infant surgery. By researching medical articles on this topic in the US, Europe, Canada and around the world and interpreting this material for the lay person, he offers… Continue Reading