Healing from infant trauma: listening to my baby self

Do you want to be free? Do you want to overcome PTSD? In healing from pre-verbal trauma, unconscious material is allowed into consciousness. Breath habits are treasures of information, especially patterns of holding. Each day for a short time, I sit quietly, following my breathing and listening. Frightening emotions often emerge that have no basis in present… Continue Reading

Magnolia blossom–the healing flower

While I am getting excellent care for my concussion from my chiropractor and my medical doctor, who is trained in craniosacral bodywork, I realized the other day that I needed to participate more directly in my healing. In drawing a magnolia flower and meditating on its image, I came to understand that I needed to… Continue Reading

A Ceremony: Healing from Post-traumatic Stress

For those of us who’ve had a major trauma as babies and still suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) as adults, a ceremony may be in order–a ritual of some sort for the self that says, I am safe now and can live my body without fear. My body is a place of comfort. Each morning,… Continue Reading

Fear Brain / Flower Brain

I was raised on fear: fear of falling, fear of drowning, fear of being snatched by a stranger luring me with candy. Fear of my father’s anger, fear of my mother’s rejection, fear of failing in school, fear of humiliation from classmates. Fear, fear, fear. Fear of being me–if I’m me, I won’t be loved;… Continue Reading

Of Daggers and Diaphragms

Of Daggers Many of my afternoon 1A students want to know more about my exploits as a greaser gang member when I was a young teen. I’ve included a memoir excerpt and posted it above under Pages/Memoir/First Waters –  Chapter 2 after the *********, hoping that it communicates the flavor of the life that I… Continue Reading

Pediatric Trauma: Getting the Word Out

I’m thrilled! I just left a website for the First International Conference on Pediatric Psychological Trauma. I didn’t know such a thing existed until two days ago when I spoke to someone on the phone who told me she had attended the conference last February at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  I’m… Continue Reading