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Incisions–Coming Full Circle

Last Thursday, a dermatologist cut out a melanoma on the back of my leg just below my calf. It was a slow spreading kind and since I caught it early, I am told that it hasn’t metastasized. That’s the good news. I didn’t think the surgery and recovery were going to be a big deal. But…

Oral History – Untreated PTSD

Dentist’s chair, twelve years old, East Orange, New Jersey: Dr. Salada calls my mother into the room to see the caverns I’ve bitten out of the walls of my mouth. He peels my lower lip down to show her the gouges. I, too am shocked when he holds the mirror up so I can see….

Thank you, Ilse Middendorf,

for making a way possible for me to more deeply heal from the trauma of infant surgery. Because of your understanding of breath and your work teaching others, I am able to come to terms with the trauma within my body, move through it more effectively and ultimately, resolve it. Through this somatic work–breathexperience–I am…