Welcome to ReStory Your Life – Freedom After Trauma. My name is Wendy Williams, and I am glad you found my website and blog. I am eager to share with you what I’ve learned about trauma and post-traumatic stress and how to use tools to heal yourself. On this site, you’ll find my original paintings and drawings, my poetry and prose, and over six years of blog posts about my experiences healing from trauma and resources that you can use to educate yourself.

My difficulties began early on at twenty-six days old. I had a life-threatening condition, which required a major stomach surgery, likely without anesthesia. I recovered but was left with post-traumatic stress disorder. Trouble is, I didn’t know that I had PTSD until I was fifty years old! My life up until age twenty-six, when I began to work with a wonderful therapist, was a real roller coaster–self-harming, depression, addictions, anger issues, panic attacks, and more. Back in the 70s, even my therapist didn’t have a name for what I was suffering from. That’s why I’m eager to share everything I’ve learned with you so that maybe you won’t have to go through what I did or you’ll be able to help someone else.

I would love to come to your organization, group, or class in order to share what I’ve learned about the many faces of post-traumatic stress and the different tools, such as writing and drawing, that we can use to heal ourselves. Once we understand how our trauma affects us, we have more control than we might think over our mental and physical health.

Again, welcome! I am eager to connect with you.