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Sometimes, Therapy: Untethering Trauma Part II

In my last post, I described the ways that my former therapist, Lee O. Johnson, worked with me –through my body, my emotions, and my intellect. I want to share another example so that you get an even better idea about how trauma can be untethered through therapy in which one does more than talk….

Sometimes, Therapy: Untethering Trauma

In order to heal from trauma, therapy is what we sometimes need. Someone outside ourselves to make observations, give feedback, suggest new ways of responding to life’s situations and circumstances, and offer emotional support. While I am a big proponent of self-healing, I have also been the recipient of therapy at critical junctures in my…

You Wanted to Survive: Writing to my Baby Photo

You wanted to survive. You wanted to connect. You are almost smiling in this photo. Almost. You are sitting in an armchair and leaning onto a cushion. The photo album says “4 months” in your handwriting, but Mom said you didn’t smile until you were 6 months old. You are interested in something, looking to…