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Blog, Heal, Teach–Feedback and Photos

Just want to share some feedback from  two of the participants in my workshop Blog, Heal, Teach at the Carver College of Medicine in Iowa and some photos.

This response is from Dr. David G. Thoele:

I really enjoyed this presentation and am now filled with ideas for starting my own blog in the future. Wendy explained the tools used in blogging and really explained the value of the blog in creating a conversation in addressing a broader community. We spent three minutes writing our own “blog entry,” and I was amazed at how easy it was to come up with some ideas on paper that I had thought of regarding my profession as a pediatric cardiologist: How can I show compassion to my patients when I work in a community of doctors who is often uncompassionate to ourselves: long hours, interrupted sleep, and a prolonged hazing process called med school, residency, fellowship?

Here’s another response from Nancy Gross, Humanities Educator at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, New Jersey:

*certainly learned about your particular medical issue, which was unknown to me

*how it affected your personhood

*and how you used blogging to create community and wholeness–


Below, the medical education building, MERF, where the conference The Examined Life-Writing, Humanities, and the Art of Medicine was held:


Three days of intense medical humanities immersion at The Examined Life Conference, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa in Iowa City!  What fun! There’s so much to say. Here’s a snapshot. First, the friendships I made are  the most precious take-away. The support that I received was so heartwarming and generous. Another big gift… Continue Reading