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Thank You Students at the College of Alameda!

Once again the students at the College of Alameda, where I have taught for the past fifteen years, have shown me how generous, compassionate, and understanding they are. In my English 1A Composition class, we study medical humanities for a few weeks and within this unit, students read my blog and complete this assignment: Read the first blogpost “Why Horseshoe Crabs?” in order to see why I started the blog 2 and 1/2 years ago. Then read four posts of your choice and complete the following written assignment: For each of the four posts, note title, date, why you chose it (title, drawing, photo, video, subject) and make a Comment (i.e. pretend you are commenting on the blog itself by writing a sentence or two, similar to commenting on Facebook).

I just finished reading my last batch of homework assignments, and I am very moved by the experience. Everyone reached out to try to understand; everyone was compassionate in their responses. I want to thank all of the  English 1A students for taking my work seriously and giving so much of themselves. One of the reasons community college students are wonderful to teach, I have found, is that they are so appreciative of any effort a teacher makes in sincerity to teach them. I have taught at several other institutions, two of them four-year colleges, and the students at the College of Alameda are the most gracious and generous. Their responses to myincision have again shown this to be true.

What’s also astounding is how much people can relate with my blog even if they haven’t had infant surgery or medical trauma. The healing aspect is what catches their eye–the focus on empowering oneself. We all want to grow and be the person we were meant to be, it seems to me, and thus myincision speaks to many on this level. Blogging is a powerful tool and can be used for so many different purposes. I hope the students take away some tools for self-understanding and even get inspired to start their own blogs about subjects important to them. Again, thank you CoA students!

Images of Healing Art Show, 2011

Come one, come all to the Upstairs Art Gallery, 420 Main Street in Placerville, California. I’ve got two pastels hanging in the show for several weeks. Here are photos of the pieces and the words of the narratives that accompany each picture. Title:       Healing Tree              … Continue Reading

Self-talk: Own It!

It is so important to monitor what we tell ourselves if we care about how we feel. At any point, we can change negative self-talk and bring happiness to our experience.  Here’s a recent example of this process in my own life, as I continue to heal from a head injury I sustained last spring,… Continue Reading

Our Magnificent Existence

Reading Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, is teaching me so much. At age thirty-seven, Jill suffered a massive stroke, and she shares her courageous experience of recovery in this wonderful book. As healing is the theme of my blog and as I’ve been healing and working… Continue Reading