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It's National PTSD Awareness Day!!

I just found out that today, June 27, is National Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day! Please check out the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work’s infographic. One fact that needs to be included is that PTSD can also be caused by invasive medical procedures, especially those performed on babies who received no anesthesia. I commit to urging USC to put this information on the graphic next year.

Fear and fluidity: transforming trauma

I first heard of Emilie Conrad D’Oud and Continuum, a form of bodywork, years ago from my writing coach. When she read passages of my memoir manuscript, The Autobiography of a Sea Creature, about how I’d been taught to restrict my movements as a baby after surgery, she told me about D’Oud’s work. Since I’d… Continue Reading

"Trauma Therapy: Healing and Hope"

I just finished watching the series of TV Shows on the website that I introduced in my last post. I REALLY enjoyed them and learned so much. What was especially affirming for me was the last segment entitled “Trauma Therapy: Healing and Hope.” Traumatologist Margaret Vasquez details the system of healing that she works… Continue Reading

TV Interviews about Trauma

I had the good fortune to read a post on Jolene Philo’s Different Dream blog that highlighted the work of Margaret Vasquez, a traumatologist who received some of her training from the Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc. program. She started her own center in Georgia called Freedom’s Calling. On her website, she posted a series of presentations… Continue Reading

Magnolia blossom–the healing flower

While I am getting excellent care for my concussion from my chiropractor and my medical doctor, who is trained in craniosacral bodywork, I realized the other day that I needed to participate more directly in my healing. In drawing a magnolia flower and meditating on its image, I came to understand that I needed to… Continue Reading

A Ceremony: Healing from Post-traumatic Stress

For those of us who’ve had a major trauma as babies and still suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) as adults, a ceremony may be in order–a ritual of some sort for the self that says, I am safe now and can live my body without fear. My body is a place of comfort. Each morning,… Continue Reading