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Self-portrait 2011: 1982 Updated

Here I am, new and improved–an updated 1982 portrait as promised in my last post. More color overall, more different colors, some spirals and oval squiggles. Check out my blue eyes. How fun!

I know that if I drew a self-portrait from scratch, it wouldn’t look anything like this rendition above, but I wanted to trace the previous drawing and see what changed. I kept the diamond “plates” so-to-speak covering my breasts and genitals but don’t think I would have depicted them quite this way presently.  Neither would I have kept the shapes near the jaw the same. So I see that I’m writing my way into a new promise, not for next time, but sometime soon:  a completely new self-portrait.

Two things that make me feel really good about this picture are the spirals circling my middle and my throat. My middle space, the part of my body that was directly operated on as a baby, is much more free. It communicates with me now. We are in communication and so my life is much more informed by the power that is available at the center.  My throat is also more active. It’s as if the pink spiral represents a voice being projected, for I’ve been able to be more vocal about my early experience and speak my true emotions. This blog, myincision, has amplified my ability to gain power through my voice.

I am grateful to all of you who take the time to read my words and experience my artwork. You–this community–is part of this new Self-portrait 2011. You are part of the reason that I speak and express myself in the world.  Thank you for contributing to my growth and to the growth of the planet.

A Must-read Book

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Resolution 2011

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