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Quotes I Like

“The solution to the destructiveness in this world is not more technical knowledge. Repairing the world may require us to find a deep connection to the life around us, to substitute the capacity to befriend life for our relentless pursuit of greater and greater expertise.” —  Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfather’s Blessings “A radical new… Continue Reading

Images of Healing Art Show: 2 Pastel Drawings

Two of my pastel pieces will be on view at the Images of Healing Art Show in Placerville, California at the Upstairs Art Gallery on Main Street, starting Sept. 18 through Mid-October. Since most of you won’t be able to come, here they are: Title: Self Hatred Media: Pastels One reason I do art is… Continue Reading


I’ve just begun reading a book by Lucia Capacchione, PhD Recovery of Your Inner Child. Capacchione discusses how artwork and writing help people access their inner child—that vulnerable child part of us that had to go underground, for whatever reason, in order to survive. She includes lots of cool drawings in which an inner child… Continue Reading