My Body and Spirit are One

I’m back from Ecuador. Since I’m relatively new at this blogging thing, I didn’t realize I could set up some automatic posts to be published while I was away. Alas!  But here I am with a fresh perspective and some insights to share.

A few quick impressions about Ecuador. Did you know that pink dolphins inhabit certain rainforest rivers?  Manatees, too!  We saw so many different types of birds and monkeys that I can’t name them all. We also encountered the most delightful long-nosed bats that seemed literally part of the tree on which they were resting until they flew off en masse. My partner Griffin, my friend Mary, and I were fortunate enough to spend five days at the Cuyabeno Eco-lodge–the experience of a lifetime. We rode a motorized canoe for over two hours to enter the black water lagoon where the lodge was located. One night, we even chugged out in the dark to look at constellations and caymans.

The evening before we disembarked for the lodge, however, I confronted a health challenge. On the bus to the town of Lago Agrio, where lodge staff were to pick us up the next morning, I was bitten by something. As I sat on the bus, my arms prickled with uncomfortable sensations. I got the chills so badly that my teeth were chattering. Then, the fever came. When we got to the hotel, I was light-headed and sick to my stomach. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to make this rainforest journey after all.

After we retired to our room, I set my mind on overcoming whatever had gotten hold of my body. I hadn’t come all this way to not see the Amazon Rainforest!  Griffin gave me a powerful dose of an Amazon Herb concoction she had made (she and I have been taking Amazon Herbs for over five years), which began to bolster my immune system immediately. But without my inner work, I don’t think I could have overcome what gripped me.

In my meditation several weeks before the trip, I saw the image of a woman whose eyes were more like stars than human eyes. I called on her to help me–to teach me to inhabit the strength and power of my body.  That night, I hardly slept. I was sweating a lot and dreaming off and on. I was also busy practicing the breath work I’ve studied to heal myself. I was frightened, but the breath work brought me to a place of great allowing and acceptance and trust in my body.  By the morning, I was free of all symptoms and actually hungry for breakfast!

Obviously I made it to the Rainforest. This health challenge gave me the opportunity to confront an early message that I’d received: I was weak and sickly and my body was undependable. Not so! My god, how could I have ever survived the operation and recovered physically if this were true. The truth is that I was a strong baby who survived and healed perfectly. On this Amazon trip, I discovered that when I trust the strength of my spirit, my body takes the cues and heals.

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