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A New Beginning

I made this water color painting of my night table 6/26/78, thirty-two years ago today.  I was just beginning to emerge from the deepest darkness–a depressive state that I would never again experience. The chart taped to the wall represents one of my early therapy sessions with Lee, who led me out of this chaos and confusion. We were working on my relationship with my mother and father, and the arrows indicate good connections with them where I thought there were none. Lee was the first person I ever cried to about my stomach operation as an infant. I inherited the lamp from Krissie, a friend who saw me through a suicide attempt when I was twenty-two.

I share this painting and narrative today because it’s my friend Suzie’s birthday. Back in 1978 when I was so down, she invited me to move into a room in the flat she rented. She helped me begin a new chapter in my life, and I am forever grateful for her reaching out to me.  A friend who embraces the whole you is one of the best antidotes to depression.  In this painting, the lamp is in the center. I was finding illumination, the light inside myself. The clock is also at center. I guess it was time I woke up to my authenticity and vulnerability. Thank you, Suzie. Thank you, Lee. Thank you, Krissie.

Sea Creature: The Revision

I’m back to finishing my memoir, The Autobiography of a Sea Creature, preparing the first chapter for yet one more round of edits, this time at The Healing Art of Writing Conference next week at Dominican University in San Rafael, California.  The conference should be great with lots of talented writers, both participants and presenters,… Continue Reading

Life Making Sense: PTSD Awareness

Now that I understand that I’ve been experiencing Post Traumatic Stress since I was very young, I’ve been remembering many instances of PTSD over the course of my life, and it is only now that they are making sense.  When I was little, I watched a Little Rascal’s show, an early well-known TV program for children, in… Continue Reading

"Vive la difference!"

I asked Fred, my scar-buddy, to be a guest writer on my blog. He also underwent surgery for pyloric stenosis as an infant. What follows is his piece about his scar and so much more. “Vive la difference!” We live in the age of communication, and not only because of the internet, cell phones, and… Continue Reading