At the College of Alameda Psychology Club

I am so lucky and so privileged to have presented my talk about infant surgery and PTSD to a group of students. Their faces and their openness encouraged me, helping me feel comfortable and safe.  I am also excited about having shown my artwork, which illustrates the way I’ve coped with my early trauma.  These images communicated ideas that, in the past, have been hard to describe with words. Again, the students’ interest and attentiveness boosted my morale and made it easy, even pleasurable, to discuss this challenging topic. Thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to the Psychology Club, especially their faculty advisor Ms. Sarah Peterson-Guada, for inviting me to speak.

At the end of the presentation, I handed out forms for feedback. Here are three of the responses:

♦ Thank you for sharing something so highly personal to a group of people you don’t know very well. I think many people have become more self-aware after hearing about how being aware of one’s own feelings and emotions can really help your self. I highly respect you for helping your own self.

♦ I was very anxious during the whole presentation and fearful half the time. There was one point when I really wanted to break down and run away. I had to force myself to calm down and relax a little. I feel that the presentation has touched a part of me that I don’t want others to know and is fearful of facing myself. I hope one day I will have enough courage to face it. For now, I have a very very strong sense to flee and shame.

♦ You keep on going with your work and be a speaker and educator for people to get a better understanding about themselves so they can go forward. Thank you for sharing. –Manny, Psyche 1A

Thank you for your heartfelt responses. To the person who was fearful, don’t worry, you will one day find the courage to simply sit with your fear because deep down, we want to heal; our spirits want us to heal. You will find a way in your own time. Just want you all to know that this presentation has assisted me in my healing journey. ♥

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