Re-seeing Sea Creature: Day One

I am sitting next to my manuscript, begun many years ago and finished no less than four times.  The last time, I was certain The Autobiography of a Sea Creature was ready to go.  Last November, I finished a first draft of a book proposal, venturing closer to the final hour when I would send my package out into the universe. I asked three friends to look over the proposal, hoping for a thumb’s up. Stop!  Each dropped the guillotine on the chapter that I included in the proposal, thus putting an end to the dream. Exasperated, I put Sea Creature aside. (See excerpts from the book under Pages above, My Memoir.)

It’s five months later and I’ve done a lot to position myself in order to put good energy into completing the manuscript. First, I’ve made my way back to loving my writing, my voice. It’s a sincere, honest voice, funny at times, descriptive and fresh. Everyone may not want to spend time with me but many will.  Sea Creature holds an important message that I hope to share with as many readers as possible.  I’ve been through a radical process of self-discovery and believe that it is my responsibility to share my revelations with others, hoping readers will find inspiration and courage to free themselves from old self-images and self-imposed limitations.

As I opened my manuscript, I felt scared to open the can of worms, is what I heard myself say .  When I closed the envelope on this project last November, I felt a lot of pain and frustration, for I had worked so hard to get where I was. Maybe that was the problem–worked so hard. In any case, I am ready to see what is there. Earlier, I heard myself say, it will be like coming home. I hope so. Wish me luck, everyone.  I’m going to need it, I heard my old self say. This voice is the old doubting self. The part of the statement that is true though is that I need everyone’s good wishes.  Thanks for caring everyone.


I LOVE IT!  I LOVE THE STORY!  I am seeing the manuscript through new eyes.  I really get which words and paragraphs need to be there in the story and which don’t.  What a little time off will do!  (It helped to know that I’d be reporting back to y’all :-). )  More tomorrow…….

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