Visiting Humanities 13A

Today I had the privilege of delivering a short talk about my memoir manuscript, The Autobiography of a Sea Creature, to Professor Dylan Eret’s Humanities 13A: Myth, Symbols and Folklore class at the College of Alameda in Alameda, California. As homework, the class had read my memoir manuscript excerpts on this blog and posted some comments on theirĀ Humanities blog, which I read before our appointed time together. In the classroom, I spoke about my experience of writing the story of my early infant trauma in book form and of sharing my story verbally with others over the past few years. One thing the class made me realize is that my verbal narrative has become much more detailed and developed. I’m becoming more and more comfortable telling my story to others.

Speaking to the class was fun and a bit scary as some of the students in the class are also my students. I decided though before I made the commitment to visit the class that I am no longer interested in hiding my experience and, in fact, feel passionate about sharing the information with as many people as possible. I really enjoyed the questions the students asked and the attentive listening that I experienced as I told my story. Thank you Prof. Eret and thank you College of Alameda students.

p.s. I just finished updating My Memoir page, so please take a look.

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