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cubeHere is one of the first pictures I drew back in 1977 in an attempt to address my feeling inside of constriction. Though I could barely talk about the details of my operation, I could draw pictures. This image helped me begin to understand how I felt. Wow, look how out of balance I am!  Only one foot on the ground and this foot is turned in. And my poor flat head with a space inside. 

Looking at this image brings me sadness and joy, sadness that I felt so bound and joy that I got this image into representation, out of myself. Over the years, I’ve been able to show this image to others. It explains so much that words cannot really equal.

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  1. This is very exciting, your picture is interesting, in our next newsletter we have a couple of psychologists talking how to interpret childrens feelings based on their art!! Good job on your blog. Beth

  2. Amazing, Wendy! It’s incredible to me how we retain memories in our cells and to be able to express them, in one way or another, is wonderful. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. I am always in awe of the profound nature of children’s drawings. Funny that I saw something different than what you described. Instead of being off balance, I noticed the dot in the center and the almost spiral nature of the equally-spaced limbs (if the neck can be considered a “limb” here) emanating from the “core.” Being a survivor, too, I wonder sometimes if there is not some special spiritual force within us that guided us as children. While I see the pain in your drawing, I also see the underlying beauty. Isn’t that what we are still trying to find as adults, too? Thank you for sharing this intimate piece of you!

    • Thanks for sharing your special point of view on my picture. I like thinking of the central dot representing a ‘core.’ I appreciate your noticing the balance in my representation. Yes, I do believe that “some special force within us . . . guided us as children.”

  4. i love this drawing, it helps to explain way more than you’d think. i’ve looked at this picture three time now and each time i find something knew about it.

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