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my first blog poem

My partner said to me, why don’t you post a poem? ( I’ve been writing poetry for over thirty years!) “I don’t write poems about pyloric stenosis,” I shot back. “I started writing prose because my poems couldn’t contain all I wanted to say.” The glint in her eye told me the challenge was on.

The next morning, there it was: a short poem about my ongoing healing from pyloric stenosis. And here it is:

A scar at the center of being
sent me running from self

hiding under big shirts
and cinching belts tight.

Flight ruled
though return beckoned–
a reunion of body and spirit.

Age 50 the party began.
Clothes fit now,
belts loose.

My center is a sun
and the stitch-scar
rays of light.

In my middle, a button
activating power.
Press and current flows

turned on to life!

© 2009, Wendy Patrice Williams, All rights reserved

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